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October 30, 2020

Food x cosmetics collaborations

Asian markets have no difficulty mixing industries together and see collaborations with a good eye. While it is not so popular to have a food brand and a cosmetic brand do a joigned campaign in the West, it is very developed in Asia and often leads to great successes. Here are a few food x cosmetics collabs that earned visibility and boosted sales.  

Fenty Beauty x HeyTea 

Rihanna’s beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, announced its collaboration with the popular Chinese tea shop HEYTEA for the promotion of its “Cheeks Out” Cream Blush. But instead of a product drop, which is common for limited editions, both brands decide to only reward dedicated fans via a lottery on Weibo. The product was originally released worldwide earlier this year; however, the new not-for-sale packaging offers a couple of additional freebies: make-up bag with both brands’ logos and a HEYTEA voucher inside. In order to enter the lottery, fans first needed to follow both brands’ Weibo accounts.

Perfect Diary x Oreo

Oreo, the world-famous black and white cookie company, collaborated with the Chinese beauty brand, Perfect Diary, producing two cushion compacts sporting the classic cookie print. Each set comes with two limited, seasonal Oreo flavors, namely Matcha Sakura and White Peach Oolong, and sold out the first day on Oreo’s collaboration with Perfect Diary comes on the heels of their successful Supreme x Oreo red cookie edition.

Innisfree x Mentos

Korean cosmetics brand Innisfree has introduced a special edition beauty powder in collaboration with the mint candy brand Mentos. The product, a 5-gram translucent powder called No Sebum Mineral Powder Mentos, is packed in a colorful round case that resembles candy packaging and is available in six colors that are in line with the candy flavors. Similar with the beauty brand’s popular No Sebum Mineral Powder, the Mentos version can absorb sebum and control excessive oil on the face.

   Monia MERABET

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