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  October 28, 2020

Overnight masks

Masks have become a must in our beauty routine. They can take many forms and textures, from sheet masks to DIY ones you have to mix with water. A specific category is the nigh masks, the ones you leave overnight and remove or massage into the skin in the morning. 

The idea behind it is to allow the product to stay longer on the skin to get a deeper moisturizing effect and get a plump skin in the morning. It is also a good way to appeal to consumers who feel that waiting around with a mask is not for them or that they do not have enough free time to do day masks. With night masks, you just apply it before going to bed and don’t have to do anything until morning. It saves time while bringing benefits to the skin. 

With the success of night masks for the face, brands have decided to expand to other areas and have developed overnight masks for your lips, feet and even nails. 

   Monia MERABET

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