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  July 22, 2020


On August 1st, 2020, Chanel is adding new products to its male skincare and makeup line, The Boy. An eyeliner, a nail-polish, a concealer and a face moisturizer will join the existing range. If these products are solely dedicated to men, we see a growing number of brands wanting to blur the line between genders. 

This movement has several roots. A social one, where more people express a desire to remain flexible about their gender identity rather than committing to a single definition. A political one, where governments themselves are raising the question of genders as an answer to inequality issues between women and men. And an economic one, where demand for gender-neutral products from men and women alike has never been so strong. 

New gender-fluid beauty brands have consequently been born in the last few years, such as : 

We can also see some “standard” beauty brands joining this movement as they make a conscious effort to be more inclusive and it often translates with the use of male models – look at Fenty Beauty, Illamaska or Asos Beauty campaigns. 

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   Monia MERABET

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