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Place to see : RazerStore London

Sprawled across two floors with 340 square meters of floor space, the new RazerStore in London is designed for one purpose : to provide a truly gamified shopping experience where gamers can come experience all products first-hand and walk away with an unforgettable retail experience crafted for gamers, by gamers.

RazerStore London features the entire range of products of the brand with over a dozen dedicated displays for customers to play with. For custom experimentation, there is also an extensive playtest area where customers can plug in any combination of Razer gear to the Blade and console systems, allowing them to get a feel for the products in-game and more importantly, catered to the way they usually play.

The lower floor, is composed of three dedicated hands-on zones with a fully enclosed streaming booth, two connected console stations, and a LAN area with ten battlestations—including a casters section for casual and competitive play.

With tournaments, workshops and gaming boot camps, this fully equipped gaming space is also available for venue rental.

   Monia MERABET

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