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August 28, 2020


Snapchat and Instagram have given us an array of filters to enhance our looks before we post our pictures on social media. The concept of filters has led to the introduction of e-makeup, which entails a list of makeup and 3D enhancement you can use to upgrade your digital look. 

Digital artists like Ines Alpha or Johanna Jaskowska are at the forefront of e-makeup. They have been at the roots of the 3D filter trend and show how new generations have a more fluid and curious relationship with their image and with what beauty is to them. For Ines Alpha « 3D and  digital software enable you to create anything you want. You can create your own reality with your own rules, defy gravity, make textures that don’t exist on our planet, and shapes that you’ve never seen in nature. »

Another digital artist, Sophie Katirai believes that filters, like physical makeup, can be a mood lifter during this period of isolation. « During this time of isolation, many are feeling down, isolated, bored, and unmotivated to dress up and wear makeup. I feel that filters help elevate our mood and make us feel better about how we look. This pandemic has impacted us all in different ways and I am grateful that I have these 35 filters that are bringing smiles and happiness to so many beautiful people on Instagram. »

Nowadays many beauty brands are collaborating with digital artists to create bespoke filters in order to increase interaction on social media with their followers but also to promote the launch of new collections.

   Monia MERABET

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