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5 Stick masks to know about

Beauty habits evolve according to consumers’ needs and product innovation. Face mask has been a growing category and has seen many new products emerge in the last decade – like sheet masks that are now essential products for most beauty brands. A, somehow new, innovation that is gaining traction in this particular category is masks in a stick. Their popularity is due to their ease of use (no mess when applying the product) and fast application. As consumers are now being more sensitive to hygiene (thanks to the pandemic) and are looking to spend less time on their beauty routine (while not willing to compromise on efficiency) this new product format seems like a perfect fit. For the moment, competition on the stick mask segment is still fairly low and a few brands are already profiting from it. Let’s have a look at 5 beauty stick masks that are popular among consumers : 

La Rosée

This regenerating mask claims to leave the skin perfectly clean, smooth and purified of all impurities and toxins. The format in stick is innovative and practical allowing to spread the product evenly, without putting it everywhere on the fingers. It’s also an economical and recyclable format.

Milk Makeup

Famous for its makeup sticks, US beauty brand Milk Makeup also offers various stick masks (one for moisturizing, one brightening and one for detoxifying). The brand mask stick formulas are concentrated, allowing to apply less product than with traditional clay masks. The formula also guarantees comfortable wear without the tightening/hardening sensation that often comes with clay.

Glow Hub

Offering 3 stick masks options (purify & brighten / calm & soothe / nourish & hydrate), Glow Hub wants to facilitate beauty routines while using natural ingredients like clay or hemp. 

The Face Shop

K-beauty brand the Face Shop developed a clay mask in an easy-to-apply stick with volcanic soil and plant-derived ingredients from Jeju island in South Korea that is convenient for masking evenly without a mess, leaving a refreshing finish. 



Easy-to-use Sephora Collection stick masks claim to offer visible results in 5 minutes. Precise stick application allows to target the areas of the face without getting it all over the place. Sephora encourages to alternate the masks according to skin needs or to do multi-masking using them simultaneously on various areas of the face. 

   Monia MERABET

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