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Hermès Carré Club

From January 15 to 20, French fashion house Hermès is organizing its Carré Club pop-up at the Concrete space in Dubai.

Hermès Carré Club is an interactive installation that presents the Hermès scarf as its centerpiece. Fun and friendly, it offers the opportunity to meet and exchange with artists, both long-time partners of the house and new talents from around the world and from different cultures.

There will be different spaces that will allow you to discover the universe of the Hermès “square” such as the Carré Club with the Carré stories for stories, the Carré Knot to learn the art of tying a scarf, a coffee square, a Carré OK to invite visitors to sing popular tunes and Carré Mania for a selection of limited editions.

Hermès Carré Club arrives in Dubai with a new format after a world tour in New York, Milan, Paris or Singapore.

   Monia MERABET

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