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October 7, 2020

App of the week : Safe Queue 

If you are like me, standing in a queue and waiting in line feels like such a waste of time and with the pandemic going on, it also doesn’t feel very safe anymore. 

Luckily an app called Safe Queue offers an on-demand system for eliminating lines at stores, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds. It is super-simple, anonymous and free for businesses to manage the flow of customers into their business with certain safety for customers and employees.

Safe Queue only uses GPS location data to function. Customers simply go to a business whenever they want, and when the app detects they are within 1000 feet of a business, they can join a virtual line managed by that business. Once in that virtual line, customers stay safe and comfortable in their car or at a safe place nearby until notified to come in! 

There is no sign-up, no registration, no personal information, no advertising and the app is free. 

Businesses use Safe Queue to manage the flow of customers. When the time is right, an employee at the store notifies one or more customers to come in. As customers come in, the employee scans a QR Code on the customer’s phone to validate entry.

With Safe Queue, there is:

  • no need to make a reservation, go to a store when you want
  • no sign-up, email, phone number or any personal information
  • super-easy to use. Just tap to get in line.
  • status updates always available.
  • audio notifications. The App talks to you.
  • complete control over customer flow by the business

   Monia MERABET

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